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Podcast Series 

In partnership with Whetstone Magazine, the Cayuga County Office of Tourism has created a podcast dedicated to the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman. 

“Walk in Her Footsteps: Harriet Tubman’s Life in Auburn, NY” is a four-part series hosted by Tourism Ambassador Beonca Louis, in conjunction with academics, historians, and descendants. The episodes include stories and interviews that explore Tubman’s life work, how it has impacted American history and the residents of her chosen hometown. 

You can download and listen from your preferred podcast supplier or read the full podcast from the links below: 

Episode 1: “Walk In Her Footsteps” – Listen NowDownload Transcript

Episode 2: “Historical Auburn” – Listen NowDownload Transcript

Episode 3: “Freedom’s Footsteps” – Listen NowDownload Transcript

Episode 4: “Aunt Harriet” – Listen NowDownload Transcript

Episode 5: “Her Legacy Today” – Listen Now

Understanding her life mission gives deeper meaning to the historical sites you can visit in her memory.

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